The Seattle Mariners will donate a portion of the proceeds from all concessions sales during September at Safeco Field to the Humane Society for Seattle/King County, Mariners President Kevin Mather announced Thursday.

The donation is in response to a dog abuse incident involving Centerplate CEO Des Hague. Centerplate handles concessions operations at Safeco Field.

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Hague was censured and penalized by the Centerplate Board of Directors on Wednesday for the dog abuse incident. Although Hague will remain with Centerplate, he was ordered to donate $100,000 to create a foundation that promotes animal protection in Vancouver, B.C., where the incident occurred. Hague will also perform 1,000 hours of community service for an animal protection organization.

"Mr. Hague is taking personal responsibility for his actions and is beginning to make amends for his behavior," said Mather.

Hague still faces potential charges in Vancouver for the incident.

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