SEATTLE -- UW football player Damore'ea Stringfellow pleaded guilty to three charges Wednesday. Photos obtained through a public disclosure request show for the first time the melee he was involved in with quarterback Cyler Miles on Super Bowl Sunday.

Back on Super Bowl Sunday, there was a post game riot in UW's Greek Row with a lot of Seahawks fans. Miles was with Stringfellow, who police say grabbed the camera which took the photos, and punched a woman.

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He was charged with the assault of another Seahawks fan several blocks away.

Miles was not charged, but the photos show the suspended Husky was an active participant in the incident that was described by Stringfellow's defense attorney as, What happened here, he was with his more elderly quarterback, 22-year-old gentleman who was a staunch Broncos fan, and he was backing up his quarterback. It was a poor choice.

Stringfellow did not say a word after Wednesday's hearing. He pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain to avoid jail time.

The judge sentenced the UW sophomore to five days on a work crew and almost $700 in fines. Stringfellow was ordered to get more counseling for anger management.

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