Good news today for sports fans -- sales opened Thursday for Seahawks and Sounder FC themed license plates. The plates feature the teams' logos and proceeds benefit charities chosen by the teams.

In Pierce County, the Auditor's Office opened early -- at 7 a.m. -- to meet expected demand. Plates will be served on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the office only accepts cash or checks.

Instructions for ordering the plates can be found online. Anyone owning a vehicle in Washington state can get the plates.

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Simply fill out the Special License Plate Application, contact a licensing office to find out how much the plates will cost with fees, and submit your application by mail or at an office.

The specialized plates cost $67.75 for cars and trucks, $49.75 for motorcycles and $55.75 for trailers. These fees do not include the cost of vehicle registration or tab renewal. Additional fees may apply.

A portion of each sale ($28) will go to charities of each team's choice. The Seahawks sales will go to InvestED, a non-profit that helps cover costs for students from low-income families.

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Sounder FC sales benefit Washington State Mentors, which provides grants to youth organizations around the state, and Association of Washington Generals, which recognizes outstanding individuals and promotes civic and veterans causes.

Personalized plates are available but cost an additional $52.

Once you have the plates, you can renew them online.

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