SEATTLE - U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan announced Wednesday that she will resign, saying it's time to move on.

Durkan was appointed by President Barack Obama and unanimously approved by the Senate to become the top federal law enforcement officer for the Western District of Washington.

The original term was for four years, but because the government was in an economic shutdown last year, Durkan decided to stretch it out for one more year.

She believes her office is on firm ground now and is ready to face the challenges ahead like cybercrime and homegrown terrorism.

The challenges she looks back on include major actions against drug cartels, the prosecution of an alleged Muslim extremist who was nailed in a sting operation for plotting to bomb and shoot up a federal office building in Seattle, and the ongoing struggles to improve the relationship between Seattle and its police department.

Durkan was instrumental in the Justice Department (DOJ) review of the police department's use of force.

While some in the department and its union are very critical of the actions taken by DOJ, Durkan said when compared to what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri, and other U.S. cities, the Seattle Police Department is out in front and ready to lead.

Durkan has led the Justice Department's subcommittee on cybercrime and intellectual property enforcement.

She said she always tried to do right thing -- that was her job.

Now, Durkan said, the right thing to do is to move on.

Contributing: Associated Press

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