SEATTLE -- Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant and Jess Spear, a candidate for the state legislature, were among the activists who blocked railroad tracks to protest oil trains in Seattle. Spear was arrested.

Sawant said it was sheer luck that the oil train that derailed in Seattle last week didn t spill or explode. She said she supports protesting by using human shields to block oil shipments in Seattle and along the West Coast. Sawant wasn't arrested.

The protest was largely symbolic. Organizers informed police they planned to block the tracks on Alaskan Way near the Seattle waterfront. They even chose who would be arrested in advance.

Spear was one of the three who agreed to peacefully allow officers to arrest them when ordered to leave the tracks.

She shouted anti-oil and coal train phrases as she was led in handcuffs to a police van along with two other protesters. Police arrested the trio for criminal trespassing.

Similar events are being held on other sections of the tracks in the state. Organizers say they are part of a series of civil disobedience demonstrations that are just getting started.

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