A group of animal advocates want to send one of the Woodland Park Zoo's elephants into retirement.

The group, wearing orange shirts, packed Monday's Seattle City Council meeting to urge council members to get involved.

They want the council to persuade the zoo to retire the 43-year-old elephant, who they claim suffers from physical and psychological problems. They says she could heal in a sanctuary in a warm climate by roaming vast spaces and bonding with elephants of her choosing.

What we really want here is for the City Council to assume responsibility and persuade the zoo to let the elephants - all three - but let's start at Watoto since the zoo is getting rid of her anyway, let her go to a sanctuary, said Alyne Fortgang of Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants.

The Woodland Park Zoo plans to send Watoto to another zoo by the end of the year.

Council member Tim Burgess said the council would take comments on the zoo issue when it is on the official meeting agenda at a later date.

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