OCEAN SHORES, Wash. –Two members of the Ocean Shores City Council walked out of Monday's meeting.

The walk-offs followed a shouting match between Mayor Crystal Dingler and Councilwoman Ginny Hill.

About a half-hour into Monday's meeting, council members started discussing selling three city vehicles, which came up on the agenda.

Councilwoman Hill objected to the surplus sale of the vehicles being put off until October.

"I don't think it's acceptable," said Hill. "I want something done right now."

In response, Mayor Dingler said, "Thank you very much. It's my job to run the city."

After that, the two women began yelling, prompting Councilman Randy Scott to get up from the table.

Mayor Dingler asked, "Are you leaving?"

"I'm tired of your petty *******," said Scott.

About a minute later, Councilwoman Hill left the council meeting.

"Oh good," noted the mayor. "We have another council member leaving. Charming."

The mayor was not available to comment on Monday's meeting.

Councilwoman Hill did not regret leaving the meeting. Hill said the mayor has been reluctant to work with council members.

Councilman Scott would not comment on what happened, but he said if anyone was offended by his use of a swear word, he is sorry.

Watch: Video of Ocean Shores City Council meeting (search "Ocean Shores;" shouting starts about 25:30 into the video)

An Ocean Shores City Council meeting turned into a shouting match - and it was all caught on video. KING 5's Drew Mikkelsen reports.

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