COVINGTON, Wash. -- A 12th Man flag's been displayed outside a US Army veteran's home all season long, but it's gone missing the week before the Seahawks biggest game.

First Sgt. John Hurt and his wife, Amy, have been season ticket holders for 8 years. During John's second deployment, they sold their tickets but kept the 12th Man flag that came as a bonus.

He's been a Seahawks fan his whole life, Amy said.

So, she mailed the flag to Iraq.

I was the only one with a 12th Man flag, John remembers. It was a bit of home for us.

John proudly displayed it where his unit slept. He even hung it on their vehicle as they drove through the desert at night. He continued to display it with pride when he returned to the United States.

Except, the couple kept it inside until last season, when they decided to move it to a pole outside.

I was worried that it would get stolen, Amy said. I even said a couple times to him this year, 'Can't we bring it in? It's not even Sunday. I really don't want it to get stolen.'

Saturday, however, Amy walked across the street to a neighbor's house. When she returned, she noticed something odd.

To my son, I said, 'Carson, the flag's missing.'

The flag's not just sentimental, it's signed by several players from past seasons, including Matt Hasselbeck, Nate Burleson, and John Carlson.

John calls the loss even greater because of the flag's personal value.

The care package I received, the bond with the guys being deployed, he said.

I could smell it and say, this has been in Iraq, Amy added. I'm sad that it's gone.

KING 5 contacted the Seahawks on behalf of the Hunt family. The team plans to send them a new 12th Man flag, signed by some of the current players.

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