SEATTLE -- UberX drivers are staging a symbolic strike by turning in and turning off their company phones.

Labor organizers are urging drivers to take a stand against Uber.

So far, in Seattle, more than 130 drivers have brought their phones to a meeting spot in South Seattle, protesting a recent customer price change.

The drivers say they've lost 25 to 30 percent of their income since a summer promotion. The promotion started in June, giving customers 25 percent off UberX rides.

The drivers say they are bearing the brunt of the discount.

But, Uber GM Brooke Steger tells KING 5 "drivers are making more money now due to demand than they did before the price cut."

Steger says the company paid for the promotion, which is now permanent.

The drivers don't agree.

"I'm upset by this and I feel it's a betrayal. We are partners, they said, but they want us to pay for their promotion," said UberX driver Mohamed F. Mohamed.

The symbolic strike by Uber drivers in Seattle is picking up speed. KING 5's Linda Brill reports.

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