It s tough asking someone what their needs are when they ve lost everything.

All we have are our clothes and a few other things, Lorraine Ginter told me. We re not going to build here again.

Lorraine works for the town vet in Pateros. Her husband, Brian, is a fifth grade = teacher. They are like many in the Methow Valley. They are a family in need.

Everyone here has lost a house or lost something, Mrs. Ginter said.

The Ginters raised four boys in their home that was burned to the ground in seconds. Brian explained the horror.

I guess it took 20 seconds for it to get from the bottom of the hill to the top, the flames were 200 feet tall. It just hit my house and...

Lael Duncan is the executive director of the Okanogan County Community Action Council. It s a non-profit trying to meet the growing needs of the wildfire victims of this county.

Okanogan County is one of the poorest counties in the state. We have a high level of folks who had no sustainable housing to begin with and now everything they have is gone. And we have to provide for them because they are our neighbors and they are worth it, Duncan said.

The Ginters are a family who was living paycheck to paycheck, who is surviving prayer by prayer.

We ll get through, never give up you faith in the Lord, said Lorraine.

If you want to give, you can donate to the:

Victims Assistance Fund
c/o Okanogan Community Action
P.O. Box 1067
Okanogan, WA 98840

Indicate Fire Victims on checks and online.

The money will go to meeting the needs of the families who have been effected by the wildfires. 100 percent of the donations will go to those who live in the county.

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