SEATTLE - The Seattle City Council has passed new rules regulating rideshare companies, allowing them to operate in the city without a cap.

Monday's vote comes a week after council repealed rules it passed in March. The old rules would have limited the number of rideshare cars from each service to 150 at any given time.

Companies such as Lyft and Uber use smartphone apps to connect passengers with drivers who use their personal cars.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray had brokered a deal that lead to Monday's legislation. He had said the compromise encourages innovative transportation choices while also recognizing the taxi industry's role.

The new rules increases the number of taxis allowed in the city, details insurance requirements for rideshare companies, among other provisions.

Some cabbies tell KING 5 they will keep a camera in their cars despite the lifting of the requirement.

I want to keep it for the safety of myself and my customers, said Yellow Cab driver Salah Mohamed.

In 2006, Seattle required that surveillance cameras be installed in all cabs after a series of crimes and the murder of driver Hassan Farah, who was shot in his cab.

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