DARRINGTON, Wash. -- Since the Oso landslide, it has been a struggle to keep the shelves stocked at the Darrington Food Bank, which is why other charities and food banks are now helping out.

A large shipment of food arrived from Seattle Thursday afternoon. Food Lifeline sent 4,400 pounds of supplies to Darrington, which will provide nearly 3,700 meals.

More families are coming in and we are working to make sure they have the food that they need to adequately serve those folks, said Food Lifeline spokesperson Tiffani Kaech.

The food bank is setup in the basement of the First Baptist Church. Volunteers have noticed a significant increase in people picking up groceries.

This morning one gal comes in and she walked up and says, oh God I can t believe it, started crying, and gave me a hug, said food bank volunteer Richard Anderson.

Anderson estimates 700 new clients have stopped by the food bank over the past several weeks. He said they ve been overwhelmed by donations from the community.

Whenever there is a problem, they always come together, said Anderson.

The food bank has extended the hours of operation because so many people need help. Food Lifeline has sent nearly 10,000 foods to Darrington.

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