A group of horses displaced by the Oso landslide and flooding are in need of temporary pasture land.

Lisa Dobbin with Northwest Equine Stewardship Center says seven horses need a place to stay, preferably in the Arlington area so their owner can visit them.

The owner evacuated due to the flooding caused by the landslide.

We have been working with this family already helping to supply feed for these horses, but they need to be moved from where they are being temporarily boarded, hopefully to a pasture in the Arlington area so the owners can continue to see them each day, said Dobbin.

Dobbin said the owner doesn t know when the horses can be returned to her home.

It could be a week or two or it could be longer, said Dobbin.

The owner is hoping to find a place for the horses together but if need be, it would be OK to do three in one place and four in another.

Our biggest concern is that there be no barbed wire because that can be dangerous, otherwise somewhere safe, said Dobbin.

All of the horses are mares and all are healthy and current on vaccines.

If you can help, e-mail with your contact information.

Northwest Equine Stewardship Center has been helping horses impacted by the landslide, providing food and medical care and coordinating services.

This week, the people at Cavalia Odysseo donated 300 tickets to first responders and community members that have been assisting in the Oso landslide efforts so they could enjoy a special night out.

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