Some family members of those missing in the Oso landslide are hoping to find a miracle among the rubble and debris.

Dayn Brunner's miracle would involve finding his missing sister, 36-year old Summer Raffo.

But as far as I know deep down that she's gone, that's she's buried in there and it's going to be more of a recovery than a rescue, he said.

Around the time of the mud slide on Highway 530, Summer was in her car, heading just east of Arlington.

But she left at 10:30 and the slide occurred everyone is saying at 10:47 am and the time frame would have put her right at the area, said Brunner. She never showed up at the job and she has her cell phone.

These are the stories people shared at the Darrington Community Center, where hundreds gathered for a support meeting.

And there was this huge wave and it crashed down, said Elijah Langston. I just ran screaming - mudslide. I just thought I'm going to die.

Children and adults alike came out not just for support but to ask questions about their homes and those still missing.

I couldn't get a hold lot of information on my friend who is missing. My friend is Steven Hattaway. He lives on Steel Head Drive. He's still missing and I know his family wants word where he's at and how he is, said Wendy Kohl.

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