The spots of dust on Kallie Meno's SUV are like little scars. They're a reminder of a morning that needs no reminder whatsoever.

You can see some of the ash, she said while pointing at her rear window.

On her way to work Tuesday morning, while stopped at a red light, she saw a helicopter take off then dive right over her.

When you see it go side to side, it looked like something out of a bad movie, she said. Just looked through my rearview mirror and saw the fire and heard all of the crunching and the noises of it hitting.

All Meno could think to do wasopen her driver's side door and run, leaving her vehicle parked in the middle of the road.

She had no idea her brush with death was captured and shared on Twitter.

A colleague sent Meno the photo tweet: The white car was able to drive off.

He asked if it was her vehicle.

I didn't realize the proximity til I saw the photo, she remembered. I'm not very religious but it makes you think about those sorts of things.

After Meno moved her vehicle, she parked and told investigators what she saw.

The fire came even closer to another survivor. Richard Newman escaped from his vehicle with heavy burns on nearly a quarter of his body. King County Executive Dow Constantine sent KING 5 this statement about Newman:

As a part-time employee at Public Health, Richard is a true public servant, helping us combat disease by doing HIV testing in our community. Richard is highly-regarded and deeply valued by his teammates and managers in our HIV/STD program. I send my heartfelt wishes to Richard and his loved ones on his road to recovery.

Meno admits, what it means to survive hasn't fully sunk in yet. She only knows that one morning has forever changed the route she'll take to get to work, and what she'll think about on her way .

It really is life-altering and makes you thing about everything, she said. It's a great reminder of how precious life is.

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