Any tech company starts with a small idea. Amazon: a book, Microsoft: a line of code. For Seattle-based ExcelPhysics, it all started with a SPARK.

Their latest product? A speaker that plays music using electricity.

Supporters of the project can get a kit to assemble their own speaker for around a hundred bucks. While kits don't ship until July, we've got a speaker here this morning and I have to say, it's pretty darn cool.

Founders David Stoyonav and Matt Chapman gave me a demo this morning. They explained that the plasma speaker uses an electrical arc to ionize and compress the air around it to play music. Traditional speakers use a magnetic drum to move air creating sound.

Using the launchpad Kickstarter, ExcelPhysics set out Tuesday to to raise of $10,000. By Wednesday their goal had been exceeded. As of this morning, they're quickly heading towards double their fund raising goal.

To grab one of your own, either assembled or as a kit, visit theproject's page.
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