BREMERTON, Wash. -- It's the day every mother dreams of for her daughter, but for Myke Moe of Bremerton, it's not going to happen quite as planned.

I was so looking forward to it, Moe said, of surprising her daughter during one of life's greatest milestones: her engagement.

We were all going to be at the house and when she walked in after Valentine's Day dinner, we would be there and he would get down on one knee, said Moe.

But her daughter is in Alexandria, Va. The family is in Bremerton and there's a major ice and snow storm in between. They tried to fly out from Sea-Tac Airport Thursday, but the flight got cancelled.

So Friday the whole Moe family - parents, sister, grandmother, nieces and nephews - gathered around their computer screen to watch the big moment.

She cried. So did they. She said yes. They echoed her sentiment.

Not planned perfection, but plenty loving none the less.

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