If there s an ultimate 12th Man, John Nordstrom just might be it. His family brought the Seahawks to Seattle, and he saved the team from moving out of town.

He s more quiet gentleman than Legion of Boom, and his name is associated more with shopping than tackling. But he s blue and green through and through. He follows the team to the VMAC, the locker room, the sidelines and now to the Super Bowl.

KING 5 s Jean Enersen did an exclusive interview with John Nordstrom in his man cave, where he shares his thoughts on the Seahawks and history with the team.

What does he think of Richard Sherman s rant?

I love the guy

And Marshawn Lynch?

I even have a signed birthday card from him.

What s Nordstrom s job with the Hawks?

I don t have one. I ask questions. I m supportive. (When in fact some say he is the compass, the old soul of the team.)

The Nordstroms paid $11 million for the team and sold it for $80 million. It s estimated to be worth upwards of a billion dollars now.

Does Nordstrom have any regrets about selling the team? Only a little. But he says no amount of money is as good as being part of something this great.

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