SEATTLE-- If you've decided last minute to skip the cooking and grab some premade grub for Superbowl Sunday, there's a number of places ready to help. And you're not alone, stores across Seattle are making record-breaking profits ahead of the big game.

We knew it was going to be busy, Pizza and football go together. We just didn't know it was going to be like this, said Zeeks in Belltown general manager Amber Reefe.

We did about $8000 worth of sales just at lunch time today, as Blue Friday corporate parties kept calling in.

For Sunday we have extra drivers, kitchen staff , servers, oh yeah, we're ready, Reefe said laughing.

South Lake Union's Home Remedy is also throwing its hat into the ring. It's the first time the local market is offering catering like they do during the holiday season and they can barely keep up with the demand.

Any time that you have people and a celebration of food and life and something you all have in common, well that classifies as a holiday and especially when it ties a city together, said chef Eric Stover.

Cake is celebratory so we're celebrating already, laughed Nicki Kerbs with Capitol Hill's Cupcake Royale.

They have about 9,000 reasons to celebrate. That's how many specialty 12th man cupcakes they'll make by the end of this weekend.

We usually have two bakers working right now and one froster and right now we have about 10 frosters and about four bakers, she said.

They have crews working around the clock, and even in their dining area because they've run out of room in the back bakery.
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