Nothing bugs restaurateur Meeru Dhalwala about the new menu addition at Shanik, her restaurant in South Lake Union. In fact, bugs specifically, crickets will be included in one dinner dish at the modern Indian restaurant starting Thursday, in a nod to environmentally sustainable protein and public education.

Checking on a tray of the fresh-roasted insects last week, as she worked with her head chef to prepare the dish, Dhalwala noted that potato chip crunch signified the chirpers were properly cooked.

She understands the potential ick factor of serving bugs to diners who are more accustomed to the lamb popsicles and chutneys and curries that have brought her restaurants fame first Vij s and Rangoli in Vancouver, B.C., owned with husband Vikram Vij; and now Shanik, owned with business partner Oguz Istif.

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