SATSOP, Wash. -- Three vehicles collided with a herd of elk on Highway 12 near the town of Satsop Monday night. Two of the cars were badly damaged, but everyone involved escaped serious injury, except the elk.

Seven elk were either killed instantly or had to be euthanized by Fish and Wildlife officers, who responded the accident.

The driver of one of the cars, Steven Haukeli, said he doesn't know how he survived.

I can't remember if I ducked my head down at the last second, said Haukeli. I could see their eyes and fur and then just got covered with shattered glass.

Haukeli believes two of the elk he hit flew up and over the windshield of his pickup truck.

Elk hair is stuck in every nook and cranny of the truck's front end.

Fish and Wildlife managers said the elk have just started trying to cross this section of Highway 12. They are trying several methods to drive them back up into the forest to the north and are working with landowners. They are considering options ranging from hazing to reducing the size of the herd.

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