Don't underestimate girls! -- that's the message in a new ad from toy company GoldieBlox that wants to encourage young girls to pursue careers in engineering.

With six million views and counting on YouTube, the ad titled GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg, & Beast Boys 'Princess Machine' has definitely gone viral.

The advertisement features three girls, bored by a commercial all about pink, princesses and dolls. So the trio gets up, straps on their gear -- a tool belt, hard hat, goggles -- and heads to work.


The video is set to Beastie Boys' Girls with remastered lyrics and features an intricate Rube Goldberg machine that ultimately changes the channel of the television.

The ad is awesome -- with the altered song lyrics highlighting GoldieBlox's vision to show the world that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses.

The company sells toys that feature a girl inventor with sets help kids explore concepts like force, friction, tension, gears, design and more.

Only 11 percent of the engineers worldwide are female, but with ads like this and companies like Goldieblox, maybe that will change.

As the song says, Girls can build a spaceship, girls can code a new app, girls can grow up knowing that they can engineer.

GoldieBlox has local ties. Founder Debbie Sterling, who studied engineering at Stanford, previously lived in Seattle with her husband.

The Rube Goldberg machine was designed by the same guy who made the intricate version in OK Go's music video for This Too Shall Pass.

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