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London the pitbull appeared in a California courtroom Thursday as one of his former owners was sentenced to 6 months in jail and three years probation for animal cruelty.

London's front legs were amputated when he was six months old because they were so damaged by the abuse.

Zachary Hinton had pleaded no contest to a felony of maliciously and intentionally wounding and maiming the puppy, as originally charged.

At Thursday's sentencing, Judge Chris Doehle called Hinton's abuse of the dog despicable.

Hinton was also ordered to perform 500 hours of community service and will be prohibited from owning or possessing animals during the course of his probation.

London's adopter, Frances Gehring, who was at the hearing with London, said she was disappointed that Hinton didn't get a year in jail, but was gratified that he is being held accountable for his actions and whereabouts for the three years after his completion of jail time.

Also, He now carries a felony charge with him for the rest of his life, she said.

As London's family for the past 15 months I've spent more time with him than anyone else combined. I see his altered body - that he will carry with him for his lifetime, potentially 15 years if he stays healthy and strong, said Gehring. Hinton will serve six months max of jail time, three years probation, and perform 500 hours of community service, that is a mere blip in his lifetime.

Sarah Anderson had also pleaded no contest to the same cruelty count, but as a misdemeanor offense. She was sentenced to three years probation and also can't own or possess animals while on probation.

London (named after the London Olympics) was just a pup when Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver, WA took him in. He had been dropped off at a humane society in Crescent City with severely fractured legs.He had been so seriously injured that the California shelter didn t have resources to care for him.

The pup s front legs were shattered. At first it was believed that London had fallen out a window, but witnesses said his previous owners had thrown him to the floor because he had chewed on the couch.

London s legs were amputated and he was fitted with a custom wheelchair.

Hundreds of people have been following London's story via Panda Paws Facebook page and Roll On London. From the Northwest where London lives, to Calgary, Alberta, to Australia an Denmark, people offered their support.

Amanda Giese of Panda Paws, who cared for London before and after surgery, said on Facebook, FINALLY! Justice for London! I cannot tell you how emotional this is for me & how much of a fire it burns inside of me to push for equitable punishments to match the crime. I am incredibly happy to see actual jail time served for the one who physical, intentionally broke both of London's front legs as a puppy because he chewed on a couch. Zack Hinton & Sarah Anderson share a mutual human baby; and that baby will now greet her first Christmas fatherless because of his monstrous actions. It is truly a loss all around. Read more

The most satisfying part of today's sentencing was Hinton remanded to jail immediately, even after pleading a couple times to be able the spend his infants first Christmas with her, Gehring said Thursday. He was handcuffed and led from the courtroom, at which time London appropriately gave out a loud resounding bark.

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