SEATTLE -- A typical morning in the McGinn household starts with a cup of coffee.

It's not a morning crowd, joked Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

The mayor's wife, Peggy, whips up pancakes from scratch for a packed house of teenagers and relatives while Mayor McGinn reads all his briefing papers for the day and checks out his calendar.

It's a good job. Not only do I want it this time, I know what I'm getting into, said McGinn.

Breakfast is the one meal guaranteed to have everyone at the table. The second time around, the McGinn family is more politically savvy.

A lot of people, particularly our close friends, say, Why do you want to be the mayor?' It's probably question he got quite a bit. It is a hard job, but I feel like it plays into all of his strengths, said Peggy.

The couple met working for Congressman Jim Weaver in Washington D.C. 30 years later, McGinn seeks his 2nd term as Seattle's mayor.

He's never let us down and I don't think he ever let the city down. I don't ever think he would, said Peggy.

The only drawback of the job is long hours at the office. But a conversation the mayor shared with his daughter after the primary keeps him going.

We have each other. Life is good in the grand scheme of things, I said to her, but she said in the small-to-big scale of things, this in big, laughed McGinn.

As the mayor heads into the final stretch of this hard fought race, he knows where to find his biggest supporters -- win or lose.

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