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I came upon some very funny photos on Rizzo Tenderheart s Facebook page and since Halloween is coming up I thought I would share them.

Rizzo s mom Juliana says the Tin Foil Hat Brigade began last year when a friend put together a special Facebook group where people shared silly photos of their pets in tin foil hats, which of course would protect them from aliens.

The original idea of the tin foil hat came from a story by Julian Huxley called 'The Tissue-Culture King' back in 1927 where the foil hats were supposed to protect one from the threat of telepathy, Juliana says.

Juliana says Rizzo is CEO Canine Executive Officer at her business, Tenderheart Bakery, in Southern California.

She decided to do a tin foil hat photo contest with the winner receiving Tenderheart Bakery goodies.

So much more fun than your typical cute pet photo contest, she said.

So all you pet owners out there - here's your chance to get creative. Send us your own tin foil hat brigade photos!

Post them on our Share It page, on Facebook or Instagram. I'll post a gallery when all the photos are in.

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