Department of Corrections officials on Tuesday rescinded the release plan for Steven Powell after the property owner in Tacoma withdrew his offer to have Powell stay as a tenant upon his release from prison.

Powell was set to finish his sentence at Monroe Correctional Complex on November 4. His initial plan was to not return to Puyallup and live at a private residence in Tacoma instead.

A woman who says she manages the property in east Tacoma said she became worried when a report leaked the address of Powell's future residence, he started receiving threats. She said her decision was in Powell's best interest and the interest of her tenants.

Powell can submit another release plan to the DOC. In order for it to be approved, the release plan must have a safety plan for victims, an address, a plan for the offender to participant in treatment and a plan on how the offender can support himself.

If Powell cannot provide a release plan the DOC can approve, he will be released from prison when he reaches his maximum sentence release date in March 2014.

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