SEATTLE Hundreds of new, colorful signs around Seattle schools are part of a pilot program to get kids to class safely.

I like the signs. I wasn't sure what they were about, said Debbie Boyeette, a parent at Loyal Heights Elementary School.

The signs posted by the Seattle Department of Transportation say things like 20 is plenty and Eyes on the road.

The transportation department says it s trying a subtle, different approach from flashing beacons to remind drivers and cyclists that kids are back in school and they need to slow down to 20 miles per hour in school zones.

SDOT placed the signs around 50 schools in Seattle. Schools were picked that are near busy streets and neighborhood greenways.

I've gotten some feedback from people who noticed the signs wondered what they were and saw SDOT S logo on them. So, I think drivers are noticing them. Pedestrians are noticing them. Cyclists, too, and reminded that school's back in session, Brian Dougherty with SDOT said.

SDOT will remove the traffic signs next month. Due to the positive feedback, SDOT plans to roll out the traffic signs again after winter break and at the start of next school year.

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