Seattle is seeing big changes in the ways commuters are getting to work.

KING 5 News partner The Seattle Times did some number crunching and found that less than half of people going to work in Seattle get there by driving alone. Seattle is one of five cities in the country where that portion is less than 50%.

The census data show the fastest growing group of commuters is bikers, up 152% in the last 10 years.

For Seattle s traffic engineer Dungho Chang, that information reaffirms the emphasis they ve put on improving bike infrastructure.

It s a pretty amazing trend, and we are very excited, said Chang. It s telling us we really need to think about how we can provide safe facilities so we can make it more comfortable.

Chang also points out that the changing trends are a promising sign that Seattle is ready for more growth.

Walking is another popular alternative for getting to work. About one-in-10 workers, or 36,000 people, choose walking in Seattle.

What s notable is that once you look at driving habits of those living outside Seattle, the number of people driving by themselves to work jumps to 75%.

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