Prosecutors called David Pietz's character into question Tuesday as they continued to build their case against him. Pietz s wife, Nicole was a recovering addict, conservative in her dress and demeanor. Perhaps, too conservative for her husband.

On Monday, an acquaintance testified that Pietz spiked his wife s Red Bull with the drug ecstasy in order to have sex with her in a Seattle nightclub.

Renee Stewart was with the couple that night. She told jurors that Pietz propositioned her for a threesome, and that he dosed Nicole s drink in order to loosen her up.

She became overtly sexual, said Stewart. She was willing to do things that seemed to be out of her character.

David Pietz claims he woke up one morning in January of 2006 and his wife was simply gone. She was supposed to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where she was to receive recognition for 8 years of sobriety, but never showed up. Nicole s naked body turned up about a week later in some blackberry bushes near Burien.

Prosecutors contend Pietz had been unhappy in his relationship from early on because Nicole didn't like to party. Testimony on Tuesday revealed he had multiple affairs, including a one night stand. Another lasted longer.

Sabrina Lucia Strieck said she started dating Pietz when the couple was engaged.

I asked him why he was getting married and he said it was too late to back out of it, she said.

Throughout the trial Pietz has been portrayed as nonchalant about his wife's disappearance. On Tuesday, one more witness told jurors Pietz seemed preoccupied with things other than finding Nicole. In the days after he reported his wife missing there was a flurry of activity at the couple s Lynnwood condo.

When asked what Pietz was doing when she showed up to help out, Tamara van der Hayden said, he was putting together his stereo equipment.

Also, Tuesday, prosecutors showed pictures of the crime scene and the victim's body to the jury. David Pietz looked away, showing little emotion.

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