As we begin to learn more about the victims of Monday's shootings at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard, Dean Kalivas is focused on friend John Johnson.

Johnson was a Pacific Lutheran University graduate and a former Boeing employee, according to Kalivas. He received word on Monday night that his friend was one of the twelve people shot and killed by Aaron Alexis.

A senseless killing like that, you have no real rational response for it, said Kalivas.

Johnson, 73, was a logistics engineer who worked with TWG & Associates. He lived with his wife, Judy, in Derwood, Md. He leaves behind four adult daughters and grandchildren.

People are gonna remember Dad just for being the incredible father that he was, the incredible man that he was, said daughter Shannon Woodward.

Colleagues have said Johnson would always greet them with a hearty, Good morning, Buddy. How you doing? His daughter said that made her smile.

I think the key thing there was his jolly, happy-go-lucky self, she said. An honestly great guy.

Johnson would have celebrated his 74th birthday on Oct. 7.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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