It's become an art form: executing the perfect Seahawks tailgate party. But Hawk One has spent decades making it happen.

A couple of friends got together and bought an old RV and we transformed it into Hawk One, said Hawk One co-founder Gary Buchanan.

And what a transformation - ripped apart and put back together in Seahawk colors, the RV is decked out with custom made counters, a trio of old seats from the King Dome and state of the art televisions and sound system. Anyone who sees it knows immediately what it represents: Seahawks love.

Tradition and rituals are a big part of the tailgate party. From raising the 12th Man flag to burning the opponents hat, it brings the fans closer together.

But it's not just about supporting the team; it's also about supporting the community. Tom Brown, founder of Blue Line Express, calls it tailgating with a purpose.

We never charge for our food or drinks, and any donations are collected and donated to various charities, said Brown.

This season is already off to a great start with lots of anticipation in the air. Buchanan says

This year feels different, said Buchanan. It looks like the Seahawks can go all the way!

And along for the ride, dedicated fans are ready to support their team.

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