Frustrated families want what s left of a homeless encampment in Olympia cleaned up. People forced out of it about a month ago left behind tents, drug paraphernalia and other biohazards.

Neighbors wonder why it s still there.

It s just large piles of trash, said Marius Laumans, who lives nearby.

According to Laumans, most neighbors were unaware homeless people lived in a wooded area nearby until recently.

I think it s a concern, said John Abbott, who walks by it.

Some think people from the encampment are responsible for a recent rash of car break-ins.

They must have been there for a while judging by the amount of trash that s there, said Laumans.

Clothes, beer cans, used syringes and weapons are still scattered on the ground. Neighbors fear what will happen if kids wander down there.

That s probably a prime place to play down there because it s wild and it s away from their parents, said Laumans.

According to the city s code enforcement, the encampment is on private property. It belongs to the East Bay Condominium Association, which is responsible for the mess.

Yeah it if needs to be cleaned up, it s up to them to flip the bill, said Abbott.

The clean-up cost is estimated at up to $2,000.

Laumans and others want the situation solved soon.

I wouldn t want it to just lay there and rot and be a danger years to come, he said.

The condominium association says it will use member dues to pay for the clean-up.

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