SEATTLE -- Ballard residents are raising concerns about crime in their neighborhood. They want to see a stronger police presence, and they are sending that message to city leaders in a letter.

The letter states that Ballard is experiencing a rapid population growth, and existing police services are not meeting the current demand. Residents complain that response times to situations like threats of violence can be slow.

Catherine Weatbrook, the chair of the Ballard District Council, is among the people who are pushing for more officers in her neighborhood.

We don't have a consistent, visible presence of police. It's not that those on the street are not doing their job, it's that there are not enough of them, said Weatbrook.

Weatbrook acknowledged that concerns are being raised at this time because the city is in the process of setting its budget right now, and the residents would like to see changes by next year.

Seattle police did not immediately respond to a request for a comment.
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