Working in collaboration with the City of Bellevue, two canvassers with Regional Animal Services of King County will go door-to-door in Bellevue to be sure that all cats and dogs eight weeks and older are licensed.

Canvassing will run on weekends only, from Sept. 7 through Oct. 27, in neighborhoods that were not canvassed in 2010.

Canvassers can issue temporary licenses to unlicensed pets, which allow 30 days for the purchase of permanent tags.

The city, county and neighborhoods are working hand-in-hand to ensure we are getting the best combination of animal welfare, community safety and economic value possible, said Sheida Sahandy, of the Bellevue City Manager's office. But to accomplish this, we need compliance with existing rules and regulations relating to pet safety and licensing.

Bellevue officials say King County pet license canvassers are easily recognized by county name badges, logo shirts, business cards and pet licensing documents.

They are trained, experienced and follow strict guidelines regarding professional conduct. They are sensitive to privacy concerns and do not, for example, peer in windows or over fences looking for pets. They do not engage in lengthy conversation with anyone answering the door who appears to be under 18 years of age. They do not enter homes and will avoid houses clearly posted as No Trespassing or No Soliciting.

Pet licenses are available at Bellevue City Hall or online at Any major concerns or issues should be directed to Sandy Jones, King County pet license canvassing coordinator at 206-205-6167 or

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