A day after the old Nickelsville camp was shut down, the site is far from clean and areas surrounding the new camps are adjusting to their new neighbors.

All three locations are in much more residential locations. The sites are at 22nd and Union St., 20th and Jackson St., and Martin Luther King Way S and 129th.

Campers at the two Central District sites say they prefer the new locations because they are closer to busses, shops and utilities.

The response from neighbors nearby has been mixed. Most seem welcoming, but there is some skepticism.

We have businesses here, a lot of people here trying to live their lives, so I hope we can try to find a way to integrate that, said neighbor Clark Roth. It's not like having needs or being financially downtrodden is inherently bad, it's just people need to respect who else lives here.

Campers at the Jackson Street location said neighbors came down to the camp the first night to ask them to be quieter.

That's our goal is to be real quiet, clean up the neighborhood, not make any noises, said camper Kim Kowalski.
One major complaint by neighbors is that not enough notice was given about the camps moving in.

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