The honey bee is a crucial member of our environment, providing us with pollination and therefore food. More than 100 of our important and healthy fruits, nuts and vegetables are dependent on honey bees for pollination.

They are what you call a keystone species, meaning there are a tremendous number of other species that are reliant on honey bees said Ted Dennard, owner Savannah Bee Company.

Honey bees also provide several medical benefits for people with various diseases.

The Savannah Bee Company is starting a new project called The Bee Cause Project that places enclosed glass observation bee hives in classrooms so that students and teachers can use them for educational purposes.

Our goal is to raise awareness and therefore love and protection for honey bees, said Dennard.

If you see a swarm of honey bees in your neighborhood, the best thing to do is call a local beekeeper or the fire department, not to spray them with chemicals.

One local resource is Joyce Danner from Mayflower Ranch. You can reach her at 425-444-7598.

For more information on The Bee Cause Project visit

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