PORTLAND U.S. Representative Jamie Herrera Beutler gave birth to the first baby known to survive the traditionally fatal condition known as Potter s Syndrome, a spokesman for the family said.

The congresswoman, who represents southwest Washington, gave birth to a daughter named Abigail Rose Beutler on July 15 at Emanuel Legacy Hospital in Portland.

Background: Herrera Beutler announces serious pregnancy problem

In June, Herrera Beutler announced her child was suffering from Potter s Syndrome. The condition is associated with a lack of amniotic fluid, crucial to lung development. Potter s Syndrome often results in a terminated pregnancy as babies are unlikely to breathe outside of the womb.

Herrera Beutler and her husband, Daniel, underwent specialized treatments at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md. The baby was delivered prematurely.

We found a group of courageous and hopeful doctors at Johns Hopkins who were willing to try a simple, but unproven treatment by amnioinfusion, the Beutlers said. There was no way to know if this treatment would be effective or to track lung development, but with hearts full of hope, we put our trust in the Lord and continued to pray for a miracle.

Baby Abigail is still in critical risk and in an intensive care unit at Stanford University.

Despite Abigail's prematurity, small size and life-threatening disease, she is doing well, said Dr. Louis Halamek at the Stanford School of Medicine. Together with our colleagues in pediatric nephrology, we are cautiously optimistic about her future.

For more information about baby Abigail s condition, click here.

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