Michael King from Evening Magazine stopped by training camp to learn a little bit about Russell Wilson off the football field. Check out what Russell has to say about his first job, his ideal woman and more.

The 12th man -- how loud is it on the field?

When I m out on the field, it s not as loud -- you can hardly hear yourself. When our defense is out there, you can feel the ground shake. It s unbelievable. It's great to have that home field advantage. We've got to show up everyday excited to play, but it's great to have that crowd.

What's the most memorable thing Coach Carroll has ever said to you?

Me and him always talk all the time that 100 yards is 100 yards. That king of brings me back to zero and makes me realize, man, I get to play a game I've played my entire life. It's an exciting opportunity. Let's just go out there, have fun and try to win.

Your first job?

My first job was cutting the lawn for my dad. I used to always cut it. I loved doing it though.

Do you still do it?

I don t do it as much anymore.

How much did you get paid?

Probably $25 bucks for about an acre.

Ideal pizza?

Pepperoni, extra cheese. I'd probably say thin crust.

Ideal woman?

My wife, of course.

Describe what she's like?

5 3 , blonde hair, blue eyes, unbelievable heart, my best friend.

What first attracted you to her?

She s just a really sweet girl, great personality, knows how to talk to people and just engage in terms of a conversation. And she loves to dance. I like that.

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