The Seattle police detective arrested for threatening to ruin his ex-lover s life has been released from jail. After facing a Snohomish County judge Friday, Detective David Blackmer, a 17-year veteran with the Seattle Police Department, heads to a rehab center in Florida.

Blackmer will spend 30 days at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. No bail has been set, but he still may face charges of identity theft and cyberstalking his former mistress.

Court documents say it started at Blackmer s Everett home on July 17 when his former lover, who ended the relationship, showed up at his house to tell Blackmer s wife of the affair.

In front of the house, Blackmer allegedly pushed her to the ground and, according to probably cause documents, yelled at her, saying he was going to ruin her life and he would get back at her.

Then came online Facebook postings of sexual pictures of her, and of her and Blackmer. Police say he faked and was controlling a Facebook page in her name.

A Facebook account that mirrored, looked to be hers, salacious in nature, said Seattle Police Department spokesperson Sean Whitcomb.

The victim told police she felt degraded, violated and harassed by Blackmer s actions.

Black was scheduled leave for Florida Friday, with judges consent, to the Treasure Coast Recovery Center for a month.

Releasing him without bail, the judge told Blackmer he is not allowed to contact the victim or use the Internet.

Court documents also say Blackmer confessed to controlling the fake Facebook account and posting of the pictures to get back at the victim.

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