Better than expected sales in Pierce County will likely mean good news for bus riders.

Pierce Transit was planning on cutting service by 28 percent this September, but strong sales tax revenues from earlier this year will likely eliminate the need for the cuts. Every single bus line was going to be impacted.

Voters rejected a sales tax increase last fall to off-set the proposed cuts. The organizer of the campaign against the increase say he feels vindicated.

Throughout the process people have been pretty nasty to us. They want to know, are we going to drive them to church? Are we going to drive them to school or to work? We've been saying all along, bring the complaints back when they make the cuts, said Nick Sherwood, manager of Reject Prop 1.

Despite the increase in revenue, Pierce Transit has reduced service by 35 percent since 2008. A spokesperson says there's still a need for more funding.

Metro also has proposed cuts to service. A spokesperson said Thursday the increase in sales tax revenue likely will not be enough to off-set Metro's cuts.

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