ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- A vintage trolley is rolling back into service in Issaquah. Trolley No. 519 will provide a link between downtown Issaquah and the Gilman Village area.

The Issaquah History Museum refurbished the nearly century-old trolley as a way to boost tourism, economy and share a piece of history. The trolley was originally built in 1925.

Trolley service was a big hit when the museum held a trial run back in 2001, with more than 6,000 visitors riding the trolley that summer and fall.

Little boys would stand on the platform, waiting for it Saturday and waiting for it on Sunday. People came from all over, said Barbara Justice with the Issaquah History Museum.

Service is entirely run by volunteers. The Issaquah Valley Trolley is holding an open house Tuesday night at the train depot located 150 First Avenue Northeast in Issaquah. Volunteers will be trained on everything from being a conductor to working at the station and on the platform.

The Issaquah Valley Trolley service starts August 10th. Passengers can pay a donation to ride the trolley.

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