OLYMPIA, Wash. - Aboard Intercity Transit bus 905, Tuesday afternoon's ride hit a rough spot.

The bus driver said the events are concerning enough that she is willing to share the story but not her own name.

It was pretty wild. It all happened very quickly, she said. In my 16 years of driving, this is the first time that that's happened.

Surveillance cameras were rolling just after four o'clock in the afternoon. The bus was about to pull away from the corner of Capitol Way South and Legion Way Southwest when a man came running.

I opened the door and noticed he did not have his shoes on, said the driver. I told him he needed to put his shoes on. Then all of a sudden I see this mob of people coming, running to the bus.

She said they were pounding on her windows and screaming, we want him, he just stabbed someone.

The group claimed the man on the bus was responsible for the stabbing of another man that had just happened near Sylvester Park.

The man begged the driver to go, but she stood firm.

I kept yelling, 'not on my bus, get off my bus,' she said.

The man ran off the bus, out the back door and the angry group of people followed. They brought the man to the ground, and witnesses said he was stabbed.

All of my passengers and riders were okay. That was my number one concern, their safety, said the driver.

Police took over the scene, and the driver was grateful to get back on the road.

Detectives said two men were stabbed on Tuesday, and one of the men had critical injuries. A police investigation is ongoing.
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