SEATTLE -- The Seattle-based group behind a rowboat journey from Africa to Miami, Florida managed to recover scientific data and videos thought lost when the tiny vessel capsized near Puerto Rico in April.

OAR Northwest hired a Canadian company to salvage the valuable information from hard drives submerged in sea water when the expedition came to an unexpected end.

We were able to recover half the footage and they re working on the other half, said rower Jordan Hanssen, People talk about it being a failure, and it wasn t.

OAR Northwest s journey was co-sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Several schools and universities were anticipating a variety of data on ocean currents, salinity and other important aspects of aquatic life.

The ocean is not a completely understood body, said Dr. Fritz Stahr with the University of Washington, The fact of the matter is the ocean will take your stuff, no matter how well attached you think you are to it.

Dr. Stahr is OAR Northwest s chief scientist. He received $50,000 worth of his equipment from the boat three weeks ago. While he has not been able to view the information yet, he hoped it would be a useful tool for other analysts.

As for Hanssen, he expressed a desire to try the 3,500 mile journey again.

We want to tell the story when it comes down to it, he explained.
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