A Seattle restaurant owner is celebrating the latest developments in Cairo, Egypt.

This is the real revolution now, said Lucie Behman, owner of Lucy's Corner in Belltown.

For 80 years, the Muslim Brotherhood has been fighting to get into power and when they had it they failed.

Behman moved to Seattle from Cairo eight years ago. Her entire family, including her two daughters, are still in Egypt.

My family - they're never interested in politics but right now, whenever I call, they are in the streets, she said. I'm not worried about them. To be honest, I'm encouraging them.

Today Egyptian defense leaders ousted President Mohammed Morsi, according to U.S. officials.

On Monday, military leaders had issued an ultimatum to President Morsi, demanding he and the Muslim Brotherhood step down from power.

The country's first democratically-elected president has been under fire since he was elected in 2012. Opponents have accused him of driving the economy into ruins and forcing non-Muslims out of Egypt.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, they also want to be the only people in the country. That's unfair because we're all Egyptians and we all have the right to be there, said Behman.

I need to tell my people that I'm very proud of them and I'm sure they will get what they deserve.

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