You are off the hook from packing school lunches for the year, but you may be packing your kids' bags for a family vacation.

AAA Washington expects 40.8 million Americans to journey 50 miles or more from home during the Independence Day holiday, a 0.8 percent decrease from the 41.1 million people who traveled last year.

The survey predicts that the average distance traveled by Americans during the upcoming Independence Day holiday weekend will be 613 miles, 110 miles less than the 2012 average of 723 miles.

Gas prices around Washington state are up four cents from this time last year. The state average is more than 20 cents over the national average.

Air travel is expected to be slightly up.

For families like Nicole James and her kids, the summer break means a trip to Disneyland.

This is a big surprise. We gave them a scavenger hunt to find clues to their trip, and here we are, she said, with her husband and three kids at Sea-Tac Airport. We drove last year and it was too long of a haul.

For the James family, it would be about 1200 miles from Seattle to Anaheim, CA. In their SUV that gets around 19 miles per gallon the cost in gas would be about $475 round trip. To fly, it is about $1270.

Airfare is up about six percent on average from 2012.

Tickets to Disneyland are around $170 per person for a two-day pass.

Its still worth it, says James. It's summer!

AAA said a few locations around Washington will be popular, including Olympic National Park, Walla Walla, and the southern Oregon coast.

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