TENINO, Wash. -- Tenino City Councilman Bret Brodersen was named the small city s new mayor Tuesday night, ending months of turmoil and controversy regarding his predecessor.

Brodersen had been Mayor-pro-tem, and was selected 2-1 by a council vote. Brodersen and fellow councilman David Watterson both expressed interest in the job, and did not vote for themselves.

Former Mayor Eric Strawn resigned May 31st, after a series of embarrassing and controversial incidents during his tenure. Those include being caught engaging in inappropriate activity in a city-owned car last year, though charges were never filed.

This year, he also sold Mayorjuana t-shirts to raise money for the city pool and drew attention for doing a stand-up comedy routine. Just before stepping down, Strawn also put Tenino s police chief on administrative leave for 90 minutes.

Citing a desire to win back the public s trust and solve a significant budget shortfall, the council chose Brodersen to fill the position.

I believe I have the skills and ability to go forward and promote Tenino, Brodersen said.

Brodersen will hold the position for the remainder of Strawn s term, two years.
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