This month in Shoreline, the mayor re-issued a bold challenge: climb one million stairs collectively in the month of June. And his citizens responded, one step at a time.

It s the official dare at Saltwater Park. Every time someone finishes a flight about 188 steps to the top - they add it to the tally.

Bill Clements is out there most often, leading the charge with the highest number of stairs to date.

Well, getting out every day, I've got 100,000 for the month so far, said Clements, now the top stair climber.

Mayor Keith McGlashan inaugurated the million stair challenge last year to promote fitness.

You don't have to do a lot, you don't have to be fast. Just do what you can, said one participant.

It was so successful he dared everyone to do it again.

Last year it was more of a fun thing, this year it seems to have become more competitive, said McGlashan.

But this time around, there's been a drastic change in plans. The residents of Shoreline already surpassed their goal.

So we re thinking maybe we might hit two million this year, said McGlashan.

It's a double dare, and the climbers readily accept in their quest to reach new heights.

If the stair workout isn t enough for you, there s also exercise equipment positioned up and down the route for you to try. Or, you can opt for a leisurely picnic at Saltwater Park.

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