OLYMPIA, Wash. -- It s never happened before and may not happen this year, but Washington Governor Jay Inslee wants state agencies to prepare for a government shutdown.

Each agency had until 5 p.m. Monday to submit shutdown contingency plans to the governor s office.

Lawmakers have been unable to reach a budget deal this year, resulting in two special sessions.

If there s no deal by July 1st, under state law, agencies are not allowed to spend any money.

The governor s budget office is going to determine which agencies and employees are protected by the state or federal constitutions and should be kept on the payroll without a budget.

State parks could close, corrections staff inside prisons and in community supervision positions could be cut.

It will hurt, said Thornton Alberg, a Labor and Industries supervisor who said he may get a layoff notice in his mail soon. It s not resonating fully. I guess it just doesn t seem like it would happen. It shouldn t happen.

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