He ran for mayor claiming he would cut costs and corruption. But since Cy Sun became mayor, at least one expense has skyrocketed for the city.

The small town's tally of legal bills is climbing. The expenses for 2012, Sun's first year as mayor, were more than ten times the expenses for the previous two years.

Through a public records request, KING 5 obtained the legal bills for the city of Pacific. In 2010 and 2011, before Sun was mayor, the city's annual legal expenses were below budget: $15,700 and $20,100 for those years respectively.

Then in 2012, mayor Sun came into office. A long list of legal issues ensued and the city's attorney bills skyrocketed.

The city racked up $249,700 in legal expenses in 2012, and more than $150,000 for the first five months of 2013.

Sun said he isn't to blame. He points out that he's spent more than $130,000 in his own money for his personal attorney.

It's not my concern. It's the council's concern, he said. They're spending the money not me.

Council president Leanne Guier says the expenses are a result of damage control.

I'm not sure how he can say it's the council's fault, said Guier. The council has been defensive, no on the offense. But on the defense trying to keep the city intact.

Guier says the annual budget for the general fund is about $3 million dollars. If this years legal expenses stay on track, that could mean more than ten percent of the budget will go to attorneys.

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