King County Elections officials announced Thursday that a recall election for Pacific Mayor Cy Sun will be held June 25.

The elections office said 467 of the 539 signatures gathered last month in a recall petition are valid. Only 415 were needed to force a recall election.

If Sun is voted out, the recall would be effective immediately after the election is certified.

In an interview with KING 5, Sun said he will likely look for another job if he's recalled, because he has run up 200 thousand dollars in attorneys fees defending his actions as mayor in court.

If I'm recalled, I think I'll just lose that money and call it an 'experience,' said Sun.

Sun has been at odds with the Pacific City Council from the day he took office in 2012. He won a write-in campaign vowing to clean out what he called corruption at City Hall.

A King County Superior Court judge approved two charges against Sun in the recall petition: that he used the Police Department as his personal force, and that he risked the town's liability insurance by not filling department head vacancies.

Supreme Court justices agreed. In a unanimous ruling, the high court noted that Sun had abused his authority in directing the Police Department to investigate his political enemies, has been arrested for interfering in a crime scene and has failed to fill key vacancies in the city government.

Sun's attorney, Tyler Firkins, argued that the mayor has simply been trying to clean up the city and has done nothing wrong.

Sun is also facing a civil lawsuit filed by the city's former police chief and four officers who were fired or forced out by the mayor.

The last successful recall election involved a Southwest Suburban Sewer District Commissioner who was recalled in 2004.

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